The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Finally… a system that starts with your own hair and adds natural or natural-looking synthetic hair to give you the look you want.

It’s called HAIR INTEGRATION, and it’s available at SPERO SKIN SPA SALON, a premier full-service salon specializing in hair integration systems. The Hair Integration system gives you luxurious, full, natural-looking hair plus added volume, length, color and texture!

Hair Integration is a system of hair fibers double knotted onto a hand-tied line that is sewn into a checkered pattern. The web is positioned behind your own hair-line, and your own hair is drawn throught.* the result is a natural looking, natural-feeling combination of your own hair and additional hair–just where you need it.

*For clients whose hair is too sparse to conceal a web, HAIR INTEGRATIONS are available using a membrane as a base along with the web.

Hair Integrations Are A Natural For Dull, Limp, Thin Or Problem Hair.

*LOOKS NATURALHair Integrations utilizes your own hair and blends it with natural or advanced synthetic fibers to create a natural and healthy look.

*FEELS NATURAL – Unlike dense wigs and hairpieces, Hair Integrations are light, airy, cool and comfortable.

*VERSATILE – With Hair Integrations, individual strands can be cut out, lines can be added or deleted and the hairs texture can be altered to give you just the style you want.

*REMOVABLE – Because it is non-permanent and non-surgical, your Hair Integration can be removed and easily refitted, ready to brush and style.

*CUSTOMIZED – A Hair Integration system can be made to your specifications. Order more rows where you need more hair, fewer rows where your hair is fuller. Specify any length and type of curl that suits your style. Choose from in-stock unites or request a customized color or high lights.

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